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A couple of years ago I was on youtube looking for recipe videos on Haitian cuisine and couldn’t find a great one. Most would say “Well why do you need a video when you have your mom there?” True my mom is here but like most American born Haitians I rely on the internet a lot so I wanted to get my info from there. Since the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010 a little more attention has been paid to Haiti and its culture. A lot of videos for Haitian cuisine started popping up, still different from what I was looking for.

After not being able to find the information that I needed online I decided that maybe I need to start taking note as to what my momma was doing in the kitchen. Through conversations with her, lots of family and friends I started compiling together recipes. The original thought was to only write a cookbook but then I wanted to include a DVD with the book that displayed how to cook popular dishes. After speaking with a close friend she convinced me that the DVD probably wouldn’t be a good idea and that I should just do videos and post them to YouTube. That’s how the Youtube channel came to life!

Most non-Haitians only know about Black rice and Griot when there is so much more that Haitian cuisine has to offer. I hope to shed more light on that and help make Haitian cuisine as popular as Chinese, Italian, Mexican, etc etc.

There maybe a book in the future but for now, this is my way of helping preserve Haitian culture. The videos are for people who are interested in learning about Haitian cuisine, someone who might not have someone there to physically teach them how to cook, anyone who wants to try different foods, etc etc. My crew and I have been working hard on everything that has to do with this project so expect great things!!

We appreciate your support! More videos and recipes will be coming soon!

Stay tuned… 🙂

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